How To Get Franchise

How To Get Affiliation
How to take a Membership
On receiving this offer, a prospective study centre should:

Apply with complete details of self, premises, available hardware, plan for business development in the format of the data sheet attached at the end of this offer. Receipt of the application and data sheet at the controlling office of SVCVTI would be followed by personal interview with the Director SVCVTI and a visit by a team of SVCVTI professional at the prospective centre, if needed. 

 The SVCVTI Study Centre should satisfy the following criteria.Should be willing to invest required amount of money in setting up a centre with proper infrastructure and main power. Should have commitment for providing quality training to students. Should be willing to be a part of the SVCVTI team in accepting the terms and condition and procedures as laid down by SVCVTI.
1. Renewal of authorization for the next year will be made FREE on the account of admission of at least 50-60 students (SVGE courses) in a year otherwise.
Renewal of authorization fee worth Rs. 1500/- (One Thousand Five Hundred only) will be chargeable. 
2. Registration form of each and every student must reach Head office/Regional office within maximum15 days of admission of the student. 
3. Centre director has to pay a royalty of course fee share (see the attachment link SVCVTI fee Structure) to the head office. 
4. Submit of admission form without H.O’s share not to be considered under any circumstances and any kinds of Issue duplicate copy of any kinds of kits provided by our organization without the consent of Head office is strictly prohibited. 
5. The organization reserves its right to make any additions or alteration in its terms and conditions/ renewal fee/Royalty fee without any prior notice. 
6. Any types of fee will not be refundable in any circumstances. 
7. No liabilities regarding the staff salaries, taxes, computers, computer’s software & your official problems will be borne by H.O. office SVCVTI Lucknow.
SVCVTI study centre shall abide by the agreement and conditions followed by all SVCVTI Centres.
The SVCVTIstudy centre shall have to conduct courses as per the rules and syllabi laid down by SVCVTI.