Queensland Health Enterprise Agreements: An Overview

Queensland Health is the state’s largest employer, providing health services to millions of residents. It is also responsible for implementing and executing various healthcare policies. To ensure an effective delivery of healthcare services, Queensland Health operates under Enterprise Agreements (EAs) that outline the terms and conditions of employment for healthcare professionals.

What are Enterprise Agreements?

Enterprise Agreements are legally binding agreements between a group of employers and employees that outline the terms and conditions of employment for a specific period. In the case of Queensland Health, EAs are negotiated between the government, healthcare professionals, and unions to cover wage rates, employment conditions, and other work-related entitlements. These agreements apply to medical practitioners, nurses, administrative staff, and other healthcare workers operating within Queensland Health.

The Objectives of Enterprise Agreements

The primary objective of Queensland Health’s EAs is to provide a fair and safe working environment by ensuring that its employees are adequately paid and compensated for their work. The agreements also aim to provide job security, growth opportunities, and work-life balance options. EAs also outline employee entitlements, such as leave, maternity and parental leave, and flexible work arrangements.

Recent Updates to Queensland Health Enterprise Agreements

In 2019, new EAs were introduced for Queensland Health employees with significant changes to employment conditions, including the introduction of two new employment classifications and an increase in pay rates. The new EAs also provide improved working conditions for shift and casual workers, such as increased penalty rates and allowances, as well as additional allowances for working in remote and rural areas.

The EAs also introduced provisions related to workloads, such as the establishment of a new Workload Advisory Committee to address issues related to workload management and the provision of appropriate staffing levels.


Queensland Health’s Enterprise Agreements provide a framework for employment conditions for healthcare professionals across the state. These agreements aim to ensure that healthcare professionals are adequately compensated for their work and provided with a healthy and safe working environment. With the recent updates to the EAs, Queensland Health continues to prioritize the welfare of its employees while working towards providing better healthcare services to its residents.